Privacy Policy

Contact information

Scoopinion Oy, Itäinen Teatterikuja 5 A 12, 00100 Helsinki, Finland, Business-ID: 2397989-9

Scoopinion Oy (“Scoopinion”) provides to its users (“User” or Users”) a service (“Service”) that collects data about the User’s usage of Scoopinion Service and based on collected data gives suggestions of articles of interest to the User.

Your legal relationship with Scoopinion is governed by (i) this privacy policy, (ii) the terms of service, if any, of the Service and (iii) the permissions, if any, You have given to Scoopinion. Any other documents or statements are not of legal nature, and therefore non-binding.

Collecting, storing and safeguarding of the information

The Service collects data that You specifically give to us and that is collected through a browser application as well as through User’s activities on Scoopinion website and by the use of Scoopinion related links. If You have not specifically provided us with information on Your name, address or similar data linking to You, all information collected by us is anonymous.

We collect the following information about You when You use the Service

  • information that You give us

  • Information that is stored as a result of use of Service:

    1. Personal information such as, but not limited to, name, date of birth, gender
    2. User-ID, password (in a secure form)
    3. E-mail address
    4. Facebook user-ID
    5. News reading history (limited to the Whitelist)
    6. Technical log data related to web browsing (IP addresses, browser features)
    7. Social connections within the service
    8. Messaging history in the service
    9. History of emails sent to the service
    10. Permission, where necessary, to send email
    11. Domain-based website usage frequency from browser history (anonymized)

The collected information is stored according to this Policy and applicable laws, in secured locations and servers within the EEA (European Economic Area). The security policy is as follows:

  • The database will not be transferred outside of the EEA
  • The data connections apply protection devices and software built to increase the security of the data connections.
  • Only named persons and a limited number of Scoopinion personnel have access to the information. Our personnel is trained to take data security into account in their work.
  • The data traffic for the maintenance traffic of Scoopinion services is encrypted.


By entering information to our Services You accept that we collect information about You, and You authorize us to store, process and use this information according to this Policy.

How do we use the information?

The reason for collecting this data is to provide the Scoopinion service for the User and other users, and to maintain communications between the User and Scoopinion.

User data is obtained when he or she signs up to the service. Data can, with the User's consent, be requested from Facebook. Internet usage data is obtained, with the User's consent, via a browser application.

We use Your information to the extent required by mandatory provisions of applicable laws and regulations.

We use Your information to enhance the marketing of our Services. You may elect to receive recommendations or tips regarding the products and services of select partners. Unless You have separately elected to receive messages on related Scoopinion Services, we will always offer You an opt-out possibility in such messages.

We use Your information to further develop our Services, and to find and repair technical problems and allocate our resources better.

We use Your information to enable You to communicate with other Scoopinion customers, if You consent for such use.

We use Your information to promote, sell and produce our or our partners' products and services, if You have given us a permission or applicable law permits us to do so.

We store Your information only within the EEA (European Economic Area). However, we do not restrict You to access the services from elsewhere, and we may use data processing capacity from elsewhere, which may result to some portions of the information to pass temporarily through or be stored (depending on the actions of intermediaries, not Scoopinion and typically only temporarily) in other countries.

Anonymous information, which does not identify You, is not personal data. We may use anonymous data on the usage of our Services in many ways, typically for improving the Service and to provide value added services to third parties, however, always ensuring that such data we process is and remains anonymous. Use of anonymous data is not restricted by this privacy policy.

How can You check, correct or remove Your information?

The registered customer always has the right to check and correct its information in Scoopinion’s customer register. In addition You may ask us to remove Your information, and we will do so, however that may limit the Service, and we may still continue to store some information, as allowed under law, e.g. to establish Scoopinion performance. However, the anonymous data that cannot be linked to any one individual cannot be checked, corrected or removed by the User.

If You wish to check, correct or remove Your information, You can do so by contacting us via email at

Specific occasions when information can be given to third parties

We may from time to time give Your information to third parties if: * we need to protect ourselves against or to prevent fraudulent activity, to limit any damage that we may suffer, or to use legal means available for us to protect ourselves * we sell, merge, spin-out or otherwise reorganize our business and the new entity will receive ownership of the information * we provide our partner with a service that requires the use of data collected in our databases * we are obliged under law or court order to do so.

Changes and Amendments to this Policy

Scoopinion may change or amend this policy from time to time. In such case, we will provide notification to You through our Service, allowing You to review, if You so wish, the changed Policy. We will provide the notification at least 30 days prior to it becoming effective and You will have the possibility to review the changed Policy when You access the service next time after such notification. Any change or amendment is valid from the date of effectiveness issued together with such change, and if nothing is stated, after 30 days from the publication of the changed Policy.

Register Name and Data Controller

This register is the Customer Register of Scoopinion OY

The data controller is Scoopinion Oy (business-id 2397989-5) (“Scoopinion”), having its address at Itäinen Teatterikuja 5 A 12, 00100 Helsinki, Finland, email:

The contact person for the data register is Johannes Koponen, Managing Director, email:

This Policy also serves as the Register Extract under Section 10 of the Finnish Data Protection Act.